AMALGAM M5322 Brawn Nosecone Model F1 Replica Brawn BGP001 F1 Car Nosecone Model

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AMALGAM  M5322 Brawn Nosecone

AMALGAM M5322 Brawn Nosecone Model, 1/12 Scale 2009 Brawn BGP001 Replica Model Front Nosecone

The Only F1 Car to ever compete in just one F1 season, the Brawn BGP001 started life as a Honda.

After Honda pulled out of the Championship, due to budget restrictions, Ross Brawn and his team jumped in to save the F1 team, with the Brawn BGP001

Driven by British F1 Driver Jenson Button, and Brazilian Rubens Barrichello, the Brawn BGP001 would claim eight race victories.

The Car would also give Jenson Button his one and only world drivers championship, and the team their one and only world constructors championship

This fine 1/12 Scale model replicates the front Nose of the car, and front wing assembly

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