Automobilist 1937 Do The Donington Hop Mercedes W125 Fine Art Picture

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Print Measures 50cm x 24cm and Is Framed in a Black Frame 

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Automobilist 1937 Do The Donington Hop

Mercedes W125 1937 Donington GP  Fine Art Picture

Limited to just 800 Pieces WorldWide

Manfred von Brauchitsch’s Mercedes jumps over a lip at high speed with Bernd Rosemeyer’s Auto Union in close pursuit. It was the power of the W125 von Brauchitsch drove that allowed it to get so much air.

The race was meant to be a showcase for English-born Mercedes driver Richard Seaman, but his damper had been broken in a collision and he was forced to exit the race on the 29th lap.

Seaman didn’t finish in 1937, but he took third place for Mercedes the following year.

Print Measures 50cm x 24cm (unframed)



Every image created is based on a real-life historic event. To ensure accuracy, extensive research is carried out. In-house concept artists, then, work up several visual ideas – using different views, settings, and perspectives – before a final design is settled upon.


With pre-production complete, it’s time to go on-location and start shooting photographs. This stage can last for several days and involves crews of up to 70 people. The highest grade of professional equipment is used to ensure the highest quality and resolution images, and extensively detailed sets are also built when required.


Once the concept is established, a 3D model is created using computer-generated imagery. Studying every piece of reference material available, Automobilists’ artists, then, digitally rebuild the vehicle from scratch, slowly constructing layer upon layer with painstaking detail – even down to the last coat of paint.


The last step in the production process involves consolidating the digital assets to form the final artwork. In this phase, the 3D elements are rendered with the photoshoot imagery, and to this composite, additional elements – such as light, smoke, shadows, dirt, flames, and weather – are added, to bring the piece to life. Only with these details included it is time to print and frame.